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Norwegian Society and Church Service
Washington, D.C.
Founded 1902 and 1947

Norwegians sure love their slow TV shows! Now CBS Sunday Morning has come out with an interesting 9-minute documentary about it. The program introduces the concept with the following description:

“It is television’s version of taking a deep breath…a very long, very slow, deep breath. It’s called “Slow TV,” and it’s a surprise smash-hit in Norway, where millions tune in to watch live, unedited broadcasts of train journeys, ferry boat rides, firewood burning or people knitting for hours or days at a time. As Rune Moklebust, who helped conceive of Slow TV, explains to Seth Doane, the broadcasts simply reflect life: “Much of life itself is boring. But in-between, there are some exciting moments, and you just have to wait for them.””


Here’s a link you can follow to see for yourself:

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